To enable busy people to eat healthily!
Everyone deserves nourishing meals but most of us don't have time to plan, shop and cook our own meals, let alone healthy meals that often take more time. Green Envy bridges the gap and delivers customized, healthy, culinary creations, right to your doorstep or office! Green Envy also provides a Personal Chef Service for clients with more unique needs and as a cost-effective option for families.

Our Core Values

Meals with Integrity
Sometimes the right decision isn't the most inconvenient decision, and at Green Envy we're committed to making the right decision, no matter the cost. 

Exceptional Customer Service
Many aspects of our service originated as friends & family requests and suggestions. 

Green Envy is about making a difference. Our clients are all hard-working individuals, and the thought of being able to take the pressure of cooking every day off their shoulders makes me feel really great! I love being able to cook for them! I get a huge sense of accomplishment after spending hours in the kitchen creating delicious meals. 

Organic and Locally Grown Ingredients

Each salad is prepared with organic and locally grown ingredients whenever possible. All dressings are made from scratch. We grill, hand chop, dice and prepare your entree salads so you don't have to!

..We could have never launched Green Envy without the tireless encouragement from my close friends. I am dedicated to enabling busy people to eat healthily and having an option for everyone - from single corporate executives to the middle-class family. Green Envy is a vehicle built to serve by enabling healthier lifestyles.

- Teena Matson