How does grocery shopping work?
We will go grocery shopping for the ingredients needed for your weekly menus, or may order your grocery items for delivery through Instacart, Shipt or a similar service. If you'd like, they may be able to pick up your food items from specialty stores and markets. If you prefer to take care of your own grocery shopping, we will provide weekly grocery lists to go along with your menus. 

What is the cost of the service?
The rate for our weekly meal prep service is $40 per hour. This rate is applied to the time your chef spends creating your menus, taking care of grocery shopping and/or assembling your grocery lists, preparing your meals and taking care of clean up. The cost of groceries and any other meal ingredients or supplies is additional.

Will my chef prep for me on the same day each week?
You and your chef can set up a schedule that works best for you, whether it's weekly, biweekly, etc. Most often, unless you request otherwise, your prep will be on the same day at the same time each week.

I have very strict dietary guidelines.

Our chefs are committed to providing creative, delicious meals that enable you to meet your goals while staying within the parameters of your diet. Providing your chef with a list of what you can and cannot eat, along with any other details, will enable your chef to create meals that serve you best. 

Will my chef fully cook all my meals?
Your chef can fully cook or simply prep the ingredients for your meals - this is entirely up to you and may vary from meal to meal. Most often, chefs fully cook all meals for their clients, so that they can simply be reheated at mealtime. Meals can also be marinated and left for you to cook as a method to maintain freshness. Both cooked and raw meals can be frozen as another method of maintaining freshness, if they will not be served until later in the week.

Could my chef prepare my meals while I am at work?
The majority of our clients are at work while their chefs prepare their meals. When you meet with your chef during your free, in-home consultation, you'll be able to determine your schedule with your chef.

I don't have a large kitchen. Am I still able to have a chef cook for me in my home?
Most likely! During your free, in-home consultation you and your chef will discuss kitchen space and available equipment, and make arrangements accordingly.