Weekly Meal Prep

Your chef will custom-create new menus for you each week using your favorite ingredients and your dietary guidelines. You're able to make edits to your menu or request dishes you're craving.

Your chef will prepare your meals in your home kitchen and provide easy instructions for serving your meals. 

You get to serve meals your family loves - and also spend time doing the things you love, by entrusting your chef with the prep work.

1+ Meals

Choose 1 or more meals per week.

Perfect for:

those who wish to supplement their routine eating with an easy, prepared meal a once or twice a week

5+ Meals

Choose a minimum of 5 meals per week and save 2% per meal.

Perfect for:
singles who wish to have their lunches or dinners taken care of during their work week

10+ Meals

Choose a minimum of 10 meals per week and save 4% per meal.

Perfect for:
- couples who desire work-week lunches or dinners provided.
- singles who desire lunches and dinners for their work week